Leave the beige, sad looking buffets behind.  The evening is where everyone has a good time, the speeches are over and, with the formality all gone, it's time to let your hair down, kick off your terribly expensive designer shoes and get throwing some shapes...But as the good times and drinks flow there will soon be some pekish party peeps craving some carbs. 


That's where Press & Melt Grilled Cheese come in..

When we bring out these awesome smelling, mouth-watering yummy Toasties, we can guarantee everyone will want one.  

A unique experience

  • Tailor-made menus.
  • Wide selection of side dishes and culinary ideas.
  • Cuisine with a theme.  For example, "Mediterranean flavours"
  • Catering for particular requirements, e.g. vegetarian, Vegan or gluten-free dishes


Let us participate in planning the ideal fare for your function. You can reach us on +44 7885 492383 +44 7885 492383 or by using our contact form.

A snippet of what we do